The CHILL ROOM Digital Artists


Mienlauva DA... #YouTubeShort


Featured channel: Positive Energy

Michael creates Positive Energy Relaxation Music. Relax your mind, eliminate stress, increase concentration of work and study. Relax your mind and body can help ease stress, can also relieve anxiety, depression, and sleep problems. Music pure energy easily helps us overcome fatigue, stress, anxiety...happiness to everyone.

 Featured artist: Recursive Identity

I love what new digital artists are exploring with AI. This is next level digital animation. Watching the images literally takes you on a journey. Strange objects and colours look vaguely familiar somehow. 


Featured artist: Minelauva

no words. Settle in for this experience. 

Featured artist: Relaxation Ambient Music

Welcome to this relaxing video. It was made for dreamers, also for persons which like to meditate, to imagine deep space with its nebulas and exoplanets. This music video will help you relax your mind, stop thinking and have a rest. Fly between galaxies, nebulas and planets with our relaxing ambient space music. It specially created for stargazing, Space exploring, learning astronomy, Dreaming, Soul Healing, Stress Relief and complete relaxation.